Rapper DaBaby was on a NC property when a man was shot for trespassing, sê die polisie

Rapper DaBaby was at a North Carolina home Wednesday when a person trespassing was shot, the Troutman Police Department said.

A 26-year-old man allegedly climbed the fence surrounding the property and was shot, according to an incident report from the police department. No charges were filed in the shooting as of Thursday night.
Volgens CNN geaffilieerde WSOC, the person was shot on a football field outside a mansion belonging to DaBaby, wie se regte naam Jonathan Kirk is. Although police would not confirm to CNN that DaBaby owns the home, hulle het gesê hy was teenwoordig toe die skietery plaasgevind het. Troutman-polisie het nie die naam van die skieter bekend gemaak nie.
    I can confirm the shooting did not occur inside the residence and that Mr. Kirk was on the property,” police chief Josh Watson told CNN in an email. Watson said the investigation is inan ongoing statusand he was not able to provide further information.
      Rondom 8 nm. ET Woensdag, police arrived at the residence and found a man suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, TPD said in a statement.
        Die slagoffer is deur Iredell County EMS na 'n mediese fasiliteit vervoer om sy besering te behandel, lui die verklaring.
        A manager for the rapper declined to comment Thursday.
          Die agt keer Grammy-genomineerde rapper is 'n boorling van Noord-Carolina.
            DaBaby made headlines last summer when he made false and disparaging comments about gay men and HIV during a performance in Miami. The comments were quickly condemned by fans, LGBTQ+ groups and other celebrities, including Elton John, Dua Lipa and Madonna, and DaBaby later om verskoning gevra.
            The town of Troutman is located around 35 myl noord van Charlotte.




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