Rare wolverine sighting in Yellowstone was captured on video

A wolverine was captured on video by a tourist in Yellowstone National Park this weekan impressive feat considering a research survey conducted in the park from 2006 至 2009 only documented seven of them.

Tourist Carl Kemp captured video of a wolverine in the northeast section of Yellowstone National Park.

Park visitor Carl Kemp was on a tour through the world’s first national park 在三月 5, when he spotted a wolverine in the middle of the road.
      The furry animal galloped back and forth in the snow as Kemp and his daughter Maya looked on.
        Tour guide MacNeil Lyons from Yellowstone Insight tours encountered the elusive animal, which was found in the northeast corner of the park between Lamar Valley and Cooke City.
          He has been working in various jobs at Yellowstone for over two decades, and this is the first time he has seen a wolverine up close within the park.
          It was unbelievable that this creature was right in front of us,” 他说.

          金刚狼, not wolf

          Contrary to the name, the wolverine isn’t closely related to wolves. 相当, it’s a part of the weasel family, which also includes badgers, ferrets and otters, 根据 US Department of the Interior.
          Despite not being related to wolves, wolverines have a love-hate relationship with them. Wolverines sometimes eat the animal carcasses left over by wolves, said Rebecca Watters, 执行董事 The Wolverine Foundation.
          然而, wolves won’t hesitate to kill the mammals when in a direct conflict with them, 她补充说.
          Wolverines prefer a colder climate, with temperatures in August reaching no higher than 70 华氏度 (21 摄氏度), 沃特斯说.

          So what are wolverines?

          Wolverines weigh between 15 和 40 磅 (6.8 和 18.1 公斤) and make their homes in the Rockies, 阿拉斯加州, the Mongolian mountains, and parts of Russia and Canada, according to Watters.
          The speciesscientific name is Gulo gulo, meaningglutton glutton,” and for good reason. Wolverines gorge themselves when food is available and stash pieces of carcasses in deep holes to consume later, 她说.
          They primarily eat mice, squirrels, porcupine and caribou, said Mirjam Barrueto, a doctoral candidate at the University of Calgary in Canada.
          Wolverines also have a keen sense of smell and can sniff out a carcass buried under several feet of snow, 沃特斯说.
          If a mountain goat or sheep is caught in an avalanche, a wolverine can sniff out the carcass and dig down to it,” 她解释.
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          Wolverines are a rarity everywhere

          Wolverines aren’t just rare in Yellowstone. The elusive creatures have a low population around the world, which is partly because they’re territorial, 沃特斯说.
          An adult male keeps a territory of up to 500 平方英里 (1,295 平方公里) while an adult female might roam 300 平方英里 (777 平方公里), which doesn’t leave much room for a lot of wolverines, 她解释.
          另外, females give birth starting at 3 岁, producing about two kits every other year, 沃特斯说. Wolverines live to a maximum of 15 岁, and about half of kits die before reaching adulthood, which is another contributing factor to their low population, 她说.
            I’ve worked in wolverine research for 14 年份, including in parts of Mongolia where the wolverine population is pretty dense, and I’ve only seen one in the wild,” Wattles said.
            Yellowstone National Park advises visitors to keep a safe distance when viewing wildlife.