Ray Liotta's daughter Karsen posts a sweet tribute to him

Ray Liotta’s daughter, 卡森, 23, posted a tribute to her dad on Instagram的.

“认识他的人, 爱他,” 她在两人的照片旁边写道. “你是任何人都可以要求的最好的爸爸. 我爱你. 谢谢你为我做的一切。”
She added a heart emoji.
    在5月 26, Liotta 死了 in his sleep at age 67 while in the Dominican Republic filming his latest project, “Dangerous Waters.
      共享 Karsen with his ex-wife, Michelle Grace. He is survived by his fiancée Jacy Nittolo.
          Liotta supported his daughter’s acting ambitions during anAbsolute Radio” 面试 2016.
          I am a true believer that if this is what she wants to do, what am I gonna do?” 他说. “It’s what you do and how you handle that time in between, which is what messes up a lot of actors.




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