Raymond Arroyo exposes far-left's push to hijack the Fourth of July

RAYMOND ARROYO: If someone were defaming your relatives, your grandparents, you’d be mad as hell. And that’s what’s happening here. This is not a sober reckoning with American history, but the strafing of it. We owe our children the whole truth, good, bad and ugly. Now, to add asininity to injury, a task force at your National Archives of all places has a new report that the Rotunda, which houses the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, is itself an example of structural racism. Why, you ask? Because the Rotunda, quote, ‘lauds wealthy white men in the nation’s founding while marginalizing Black, indigenous and other people of color, women and other communities.’ 

But the task force has the solution. They would like to reimagine the rotunda, put in place trigger warnings, content advisories to forewarn audiences, and I’m quoting, of content that may cause intense physiological and psychological symptoms. You house historic documents and records, this is not the release of “Song of the South” on Disney. Plus we don’t need a warning. Additionally, they recommend the creation of safe spaces at every National Archives facility. Thomas Jefferson may need one of those safe spaces as well as the other founding fathers. Can we still use the term Founding Fathers at the Federal Reserve? You can’t. They recently instructed employees to embrace bias-free language, avoiding constructions like Founding Fathers man-made and those bothersome personal pronouns. Whatever the intentions, all of this divides. 

…It divides people by sex, race, religion. We don’t even agree on a common language anymore. The consequences of this were dramatized vividly by the sad spectacle of Olympic contender Gwen Barry. Last week, she made a big show of disrespecting the flag of the country she competed to represent. Not only did she ignore the anthem, she threw a t-shirt over her head in protest. But this is Gwen Berry in 2015. The first time she qualified for the Olympics, she had no problem waving her flag and representing her country. Then what happened between 2015 and 2021? Clearly, Gwen Berry, like many others, was repeatedly told about the gloom of America, focusing on her problems and setbacks and sins. But like the people who make up America, that’s not all there is. We are a good, inventive and loving people. And this July 4th, let’s rekindle John Adams’ rays of ravishing light and glory and celebrate them despite our differences as one American people.


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