Raymond Arroyo on 'Faulkner Focus': New Hunter Biden emails 'a huge problem' for White House

乔拜登可能会被卷入联邦调查局对他儿子亨特的调查中: 报告

雷蒙德·阿罗约 It’s a huge problem. 自从那台笔记本电脑首次浮出水面以来,这种情况一直在发生. We know there were these conjoined accounts where Hunter Biden even complained to his daughter that he blew half of his salary paying ‘pop-pop’s’ bills. … He was paying the telephone bill, doing the taxes. The question is if the money that was garnered from these foreign interests, which was basically influence peddling, if that money landed in the joint accounts, does that put Joe Biden on the hook in this FBI investigation? 我们会看到. … This guy is a walking, talking reality show. … You’d think they’d want to keep this out of the public eye. 代替, we’ve turned to a new grift: 猎人拜登, 艺术家.