Realtor shows off 'most disturbing' attic she's ever seen while showing a house: 'Did I scare you?'

A クリスティーナ・ハークの元アント・アンステッドが2年以上ぶりに3人の子供を再会 recently shared footage of a room in a house that she described asthe creepiest thingthat she’s seen whileshowing a house.” 彼女によると, she found a disturbing attic while walking through a house that had been sitting vacant.

Mary Soroka shared the initial video to her チクタク アカウント, which she starts by asking other realtors what the creepiest thing they’ve seen while showing a house. She then says she’ll give her answer and then footage then cuts to a cramped-looking attic space.


The walls appear to be covered in crayon drawings that were likely put there by children. Soroka showed off a message written on the wall which saysDid I scare you?” There are appear to drawings on the walls from very young children, some of which are dated back to 2001.

She also showed off a message written on the wall (also in crayon) which says “人(s) who drew the naked people are James and Lucas.The attic doesn’t appear to have any heat or air conditioning and only has a pull-down door to enter or exit from.


Since posting the initial video, which ends with Soroka asking for help in identifying the children who seemingly spent time in the attic, 見渡されました 2.4 百万回.

Soroka posted an アップデート saying that she located the home’s previous owner, who is an 87-year-old woman who moved out of the housea few years ago.” どうやら, the previous owner was looking for a house that was only one level. The identity of the children who drew on the walls has not been revealed, しかしながら.

While many users were concerned, others explained that they also had similar rooms at a grandparent or nanny’s house growing up. 関係なく, many users still found the images disturbing and recommended that Soroka contact the authorities.