Rebekah Koffler: Biden nominee prefers Soviet system to free-market economy – don't let them destroy the US

As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and communism survivor, I know firsthand the damage central planning can do to an economy and to lives. United States senators must rejectComradeOmarova’s radical ideology which includes ideas like nationalizing banks, empowering federal government apparatchiks to set pay scales and prices, and enabling academics to oversee investments so they can finance social experiments. It all will doom America to the same destiny as the country I fled 30 anni fa.

Omarova, a winner in her home country of theLenin” premio, praised her native Soviet socialist system because of the lack of gender pay gap. She derided the free market economy for producing a Wall Street “un–hole cultureand expressed contempt for ourdysfunctionalfinancial system.


As someone who grew up standing in line for hours to shop in an over-crowded grocery store or a bare-shelved department store, let me tell you about Omarova’swondroussocialist system. By the time you reached the counter to pay, all that was left to buy was rancid milk, or at the department store, wrong-size boots. You bought them anyway – the first to make a sour-tasting tvorog (cottage cheese), and the second to wear with several pairs of socks.

The socialist economy didn’t produce enough of anything and everything that was manufactured domestically was barely usable. Perché? There was no incentive for anyone to work hard or innovate, because everyone was paid the same regardless of effort. Government bureaucrats, like Omarova, made it impossible for people to improve their lot and better themselves by controlling every aspect of their lives.


We had a saying under communism: “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.There can’t be a gender pay gap when there’s no pay. Whether a garbage collector or a doctor, the salary was never enough to support a family, spurring people to seek seedy alternatives like corruption and black market dealings. Nel frattempo, the Communist Party ruling elites were the Soviet version of Omarova’s Wall Street “un–holes,” except they didn’t produce any wealth.

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President Biden and his coterie of socialists like Omarova are hard at work transforming America into the type ofWorkers’ and Peasants’ Paradisemany fled for freedom. For whatever reason, Omarova never shed the socialist mindset upon arriving in America, and she is a pawn in a familiar foreign scheme designed to undermine the United States. As a former DIA intelligence officer and specialist in Russian doctrine and strategy, I am very familiar with efforts to undermine America from within through ideological subversion.

Soviet defector and KGB-trained covert-influence expert Yuri Bezmenov warned Americans in the 1980s about a secret Soviet program. Questo “master planwas designed to transform the United States, over 30-plus years, from a capitalist to a communist-socialist country through ideological subversion.

The four-stage program, which was implemented by the vast network of KGB agents highly trained in psychological warfare, aimed to change the mindset and behavior of young Americans by exposing them to Marxist-Leninist ideas such as equality of outcome, intolerance of dissent, and rejection of religion. Intelligence operatives infiltrated academia, media, government institutions, sindacati, and Hollywood to portray socialist ideas as desirable and humane, and capitalism as evil and unjust.

The Soviet Union lost the Cold War, but the effort to undermine America is still very hot.

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