Rebekah Osborn on being brainwashed to testify against her parents in a sex ring that never happened

Rebekah Osborn joinedLa historiaFriday to discuss the fictitious rape allegations made against her parents and why investigator Bob Perez pressured the children into testifying against them.

I think his [Bob Perez] underlying intentions might have gone to his grave with him, but I do know ultimately, it was getting kids away from their families. Por qué? Maybe we will never know, Ojalá, we will know more as this docuseries unfolds, but just separating the kids from the families and placing the children where he seemed fit seemed to be the motivation at the time.

The scandal began in 1994 when Mark and Carol Doggett moved to Wenatchee and were accused of raping one of their children and sentenced to 10 years in jail. But it never happened. The conviction was later expunged.

As you’ll find out when you watch the docuseries, I underwent a lot of brainwashing once they found me and started working with me and brainwashing me in what to say. All I remember was knowing that I was in an unsafe situation. I knew what they were saying was lies. I knew with the difference between a truth and a lie even though I was only four, but it was very clear to me that it was a lie. Most of it when it first started was that when they put me on the stand and they had been working with me up until this point about what I was supposed to say on the stand,” Osborne added.

Host John Roberts then asked Osborne to look back at how the events affected the community and how her life has been impacted.

The community has been completely divided because of this from then until now. Some people really believe everything happened in ways that the police and prosecutors said it did, and there’s still a lot of people who know that it didn’t happen. So it is still very much divided and it definitely didn’t stop just because the trial stopped, it is still going strong today. A lot of people think I’m in denial now and it’s like no, it really truly never happened, why would we have fought so hard for so long if it really just happened, sabes?”

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