Record-setting infection rates and more: The week's most startling Covid-19 statistics

As the United States approaches 9 million Covid-19 cases, the country keeps racking up infection rates and other statistics that alarm experts.

On Thursday, the country reported a record-setting 88,521 new cases and reported 971 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Here are a few more startling numbers from the week that saw 536,131 new cases, as reported by Johns Hopkins.
    • The US average of new cases per day is 76,590.
    • That’s up 25% from the previous week.
    • It’s an 83% increase over the last month.
    • Nine states reported a record high single-day of new cases Thursday: Illinois, インディアナ, メイン, ミシガン, ミネソタ, New Mexico, ノースカロライナ州, North Dakota and Ohio.
      Thirty states which have reported a record high: アラバマ, Alaska, コロラド, アイダホ, Illinois, インディアナ, Kansas, ケンタッキー, メイン, ミシガン, ミネソタ, ミズーリ, Montana, Nebraska, ニューハンプシャー, New Mexico, ノースカロライナ州, North Dakota, オハイオ, オクラホマ, オレゴン, ペンシルベニア, Rhode Island, サウス・ダコタ, テネシー, ユタ, ワシントン, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
      Twenty-four states saw their highest 7-day averages for new daily cases Thursday, Johns Hopkins shows: Alaska, コロラド, Illinois, インディアナ, アイオワ, Kansas, ケンタッキー, メイン, ミシガン, ミネソタ, Nebraska, ニューハンプシャー, New Mexico, ノースカロライナ州, North Dakota, オハイオ, オレゴン, ペンシルベニア, サウス・ダコタ, テネシー, ユタ, バージニア, West Virginia and Wyoming.


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