Red Sox star 'feeling sexy' after hot start to season

Through seven games played, Vazquez is leading the Red Sox with a .458 batting average to go along with 11 hits, seven runs scored, two home runs, four RBI, and two stolen bases. As of Thursday night, Boston has a 4-3 record and sits in first place in the American League East.

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In the final game of a three-game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays, Vazquez was 2-for-4 with two runs scored, one homer, and three RBI as the Red Sox rolled to a 9-2 승리.

경기 후, Vazquez described how he’s feeling in the batter’s box as of late.


I’m feeling good. I’m feeling sexy (...에서) the plate,” Vazquez said. “This feels good to be helping the team win. It feels good to sweep the Rays, it feels good to win. It’s a good feeling around. We’re playing better, we’re playing aggressive, we’re pitching better. It feels good to win.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora has also been impressed with the play of his catcher.

When I see how people rank catchers, outside of our world, he’s the closest thing to a complete package,” Cora said. “He’s swinging the bat the last two years. Defensively we know what he can do, but nobody gives him the recognition. It’s not that he needs it, but I do believe that he’s one of the top catchers in the league. I’m very proud of him because he puts [에] work.




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