'Remarkably lucky' Australian man escapes crocodile by prizing jaws off his head

一个 “非常幸运” 一名澳大利亚男子用裸露的手撬开了下颚,将鳄鱼从头顶下压了下来,成功地逃脱了轻伤, 护理人员说.

The 44-year-old Queensland man fought off the creature while swimming at Lake Placid, near Cairns, 星期四.
He had puncture wounds on each side of his face but was “非常, very calmwhen healthcare workers arrived to treat him.
A crocodile had bitten his head, and in his effort to remove the jaws of the crocodile he put his hands in to try and prize the jaws apart,” paramedic Paul Sweeney told reporters in Cairns. “In the process of trying to remove his hands, the jaws snapped shut on his forefinger. He’s a remarkably lucky gentleman.
    Just a few centimeters lower and we have major blood vesselshad one of those been punctured then it would have been a very different story,” Sweeney said.
    He added that the unnamed man estimated the saltwater crocodile was between a meter and a half and two meters (4.92 feet to 6.56 脚) 长.
    Sweeney said the man had been swimming in that area three times a week for about eight years. “Certainly not a place I’d choose to swim,” Sweeney said, describing him as avery fit individual and sayinghis vital signs were remarkably calm when you consider the ordeal he’d been through.
    I would not be surprised if he ventured into those waters again for further exercise,” Sweeney added.
    The Queensland Environment Department sent a team to the site and said asearch for the crocodile responsible for the attack is now underway.
    Once rangers are at the site, any crocodile found to be present will be targeted for removal,” 他们说.
      Crocodile attacks in Australia are rare, but Queensland officials run a public safety campaign to alert residents to the risks of swimming or relaxing near croc-infested waters.
      在 2019, a Queensland fisherman narrowly escaped an attack by poking a crocodile in the eye. 而去年, a massive 14-foot crocodile was captured at a tourist spot in neighboring Northern Territory.