Rep. Biggs on 'Faulkner Focus': Biden, Harris 'missing entire picture' of border crisis

REP. BIGGS: They’re not seeing anything. They don’t get the numbers. They are releasing people into the country just enormous numbers, 10,000 unaccompanied children alone recently released into the country. 78,000 children unaccompanied children have come to the country this year. It’s five times more than the highest ever. 

They don’t see the numbers. They don’t see the impact that it has on the border. So when Vice president Kamala Harris goes to the border, to El Paso she doesn’t go to the areas along the border hardest hit. So they don’t see anything except for they don’t want to bring the Trump policies back in, Trump policies gave us operational control. They’re missing, Harris, they’re missing the entire picture of what’s going on on the border in my opinion.


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