Reps. Crenshaw on Afghanistan evacuation: State Department ‘has a lot to answer for’

Crenshaw toldEl show de Brian Kilmeade” that he is certain that the military generals gave the commander-in-chief theright advice,” pero, él “decided not to take it.Crenshaw added that the situation isreasonable criticismand there needs to be anexplanation for that.

I think if there’s blame to go around, it’s that, maybe the generals didn’t stand up enough to Joe Biden… well, why didn’t you resign in protest? That’s a reasonable criticism,” Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw, que sirvió en Afganistán, lost his right eye in 2012 during his third deployment when he was hit by an IED explosion in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

The former NAVY Seal said that overall there was amassive lack of contingency planningto get all the Americans and allies out of Afghanistan in case the Taliban seized the country.

I think the current ambassador to Afghanistan, otra vez, under both administrations is a complete disaster. The State Department has been a complete disaster in all of this.Crenshaw said.


President Biden’s Departamento de Estado repeatedly touted its evacuation efforts Friday while offering vague assurances for when individuals who remained in Afganistán before and after the Aug. 31 withdrawal date.

Spokesperson Ned Price was asked what message the department had for individuals who feared they might be killed while they wait to evacuate the country.

We have brought to safety, with our partners, más que 100,000 individuals,” said Price. “Many of these individuals were precisely in that position – fearing that were they to have stayed behind they could be subject to intimidation, to violence, or worse … that is why we have worked so assiduously, together with our partners, to effect this evacuation – the results of which speak for themselves.

The lawmaker claimed the Biden administrationfailed to adhere to proceduresof a neo-evacuation, which he explained as anon-combatant operation that is really well planned out and well executed in embassies all around the world.

es más, he described the operation assomething that is practiced and that everybody needs to know.” NOSOTROS. forces need toknow where they’re supposed to go and how they are supposed to round up U.S. citizens in a country if a crisis happens.

There are certain tripwires also that would initiate such procedures. As we understand it, the embassy under this ambassador’s leadership just failed to notice and failed to adhere to those procedures,” Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw added, “So they were behind the eight ball the entire time. Sabes, when I hear from Antony Blinken and Jake Sullivan, they tend to repeat the lies of the administration more than most. And I think the State Department has a lot to answer for on this.

Fox News’ Sam Dorman contribuyó a este informe.

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