Reps. Gallagher slams Biden for 'lying' about crisis in Afghanistan

MIKE GALLAGHER: Bien, por supuesto. I think even for the proponents of withdrawal—and I myself—wanted us to keep a small counterterrorism force and keep Bagram [Air Base] as a way of protecting power particularly against China over the long term but even if you disagree with that, there was a way to do this that wasn’t such a humiliating fiasco and obviously surrendering Bagram and pulling out military assets before we had gotten every American citizen out of the country will go down as one of the worst foreign policy mistakes in the history of United States foreign policy and so this president, to add insult to injury, has been lying to the American people for two weeks. He said al Qaeda has been decimated in Afghanistan—not true. He said our allies didn’t have concerns with the way in which this has been conducted—not true. He said Americans weren’t having trouble getting to the airport. Well obviously, we just left hundreds if not thousands of them behind. Asi que, that was a massive lie. The foundation of our foreign policy has always been peace through strength. Bien, the Biden doctrine is to sow chaos through weakness and weakness invites aggression and I fear we’ve only begun to see the aggression from our adversaries internationally because of this absolute disaster.





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