Rep. Green slams Pelosi's 'unscientific' mask rules: 'Definition of hypocrisy'

MARK GREEN: This is the definition of hypocrisy. You know, leadership 101 at West Point for me 35 years ago, the first thing they teach you is you never ask people to do something you as the leader aren’t willing to do. And here she is in the House at the speaker’s rostrum, not wearing a mask. She goes to the White House, not wearing a mask. Yet, she’s keeping this very unscientific — I mean, we all know if you’re vaccinated, the CDC came out with this, you don’t have to have a mask. They are forcing it. 

Even in committee she basically compelled the House physician to change his rule. His knee-jerk response to the CDC was, hey, let’s not wear masks in committee. She came back, he had to retract that and change it. I mean, it’s just harassment, basically.  

I can’t imagine why a physician would come out with one rule — there were no studies in the ensuing four days. You know, I’m speculating why he as a physician, would change his clinical guidance.


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