Rep. Greg Murphy, M.D. calls on CDC Director Walensky to resign for putting politics ahead of children

GREG MURPHY: This is just a typical example of the Biden administration not really following the science but following the politics. I’m a physician, have been one over 30 jare. What we’re supposed to do as physicians is look at objective data and make recommendations based upon that. What Dr. Walensky and the CDC have done, they’ve had a hard time with reliability anyway, they’ve taken special interests and political influence to put guidance forth from the CDC. What they’re doing and the teacher’s union are doing and let’s be clear about this, they’re putting their partisan politics ahead of the welfare of our children. They have caused and in my opinion are continuing to cause irreparable harm to students in the future, especially in minority and rural communities. This type of political influence in this presidency, in this administration, is abhorrent and needs to stop. Dr. Walensky has lost all credibility and needs to resign.

Look at the experience around the world. The European schools have gone back. So many of our private schools have gone back. Eastern North Carolina, I think the superintendents have done a fabulous job of putting our students back in school. It’s ridiculous that the Biden administration is pushing off. The bottom line here is in an outside influencing political organization has tried to influence a scientific decision, the CDC has allowed that at the detriment of our children.

Congressman Murphy also reacted to the CDC telling kids going to camp this summer that they have to wear masks outdoors.

MURPHY: Ek is jammer. That’s a bunch of nonsense. I’ll be honest with you about that. It’s even to the point that if you’ve been vaccinated, you still have to wear two or three masks with Dr. Fauci. It’s nonsense. We have to get to a point that people have been vaccinated, we’re doing the best we can. We have seen the largest decrease in the entire epidemic in the number of cases. It’s time to stop obstructing and start permitting and getting our society back on the road.


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