rappresentante. Katie Porter is in quarantine after being exposed to coronavirus

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Washington Rappresentante degli Stati Uniti. Katie Porter said Thursday evening that she is self-quarantining after being exposed to someone who tested positive for il coronavirus.

I think it’s an experience that’s all too familiar for all too many Americans at this point. I was exposed to someone who has tested positive. I’m doing my very best to quarantine here at home,” the California Democrat told CNN’s Don Lemon onCNN Tonight.
Porter said she took a coronavirus test earlier Thursday but is going tolock myself in my bedroom for the next couple daysuntil the test comes back.
I think the important thing for people to understand is: It’s not just about wearing a mask. It’s not just about washing your hands. It’s most importantly about staying at home. And I was exposed in my workplace.
    Porter’s announcement comes the same day that the US hit a record 114,237 Covid-19 hospitalizations, according to the Covid Tracking Project. The spike in cases nationwide sees a parallel in Congress, with at least four senators and at least 19 members of the House of Representatives testing positive for coronavirus or for its antibodies since November 1.
    Earlier Thursday, Repubblicano. Mike Rogers of Alabama ha scritto su Twitter that he had tested positive for Covid-19, e rappresentante. Cedric Richmond, a Louisiana Democrat who’s a member of President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming White House staff, anche risultato positivo.
    The announcements follow those of other prominent members who’ve disclosed their diagnoses over the past week, comprese le ripetizioni. Devin Nunes and Ken Calvert, both California Republicans, and GOP Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina.
    The unsettling presence of the virus in Congress underscores the unique challenges facing lawmakers as they grapple with negotiating stimulus relief for Americans while taking steps to avoid spreading the virus themselves.
      Porter added Thursday that the start of vaccinations across the country means it’sall the more importantthat people adhere to the best public health practices.
      We’re really at maximum capacity at our hospital, so be vigilant, tutti,” lei disse. “And we’re all going to have to do our best to try to protect each other.

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