Rep. Miller-Meeks: Biden needs to have a strong stance towards China, Rusland

I can’t guarantee this, and you’re as informed as I am, but I think it’s more likely we’re going to end up—if we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a world power, it’s going to be as a result of a cyber breach of great consequence,” Biden gesê.

Miller-Meeks agreed with the threat that growing cyberattacks pose on the United States as well as globally, but disagreed with Biden’s method of responding to them.


I think that there are other people that have also come to that conclusion that it could lead to that. But that also means that it’s this much more important that we take our cybersecurity very seriously, and that we enact penalties and sanctions upon those that hack, those that request ransomware and gain money. So it is a very serious issue,” Miller-Meeks gesê.

I think giving a list to Vladimir Poetin saying these are the companies in the U.S. you don’t attack is not the way to ensure our cybersecurity and that hacking attacks such as that decrease. We need to have a very bold, very strong approach, so that we can avoid any shooting war.

This was in reference to a declaration President Biden gemaak op Junie 16 where he told reporters that he gave Putin a list of 16 infrastructure entities that areoff-limitsto an attack. Many people criticized this approach fearing it could entice attacks on the remaining entities.

I gave them a list, if I’m not mistaken—I don’t have it in front of me — 16 specific entities; 16 defined as critical infrastructure under U.S. beleid, from the energy sector to our water systems,” Biden gesê.

Gowdy then askedIf memory serves, Russia is alleged to have attacked or interfered with our elections, our food supply, and our energy supply. So if that’s not enough to trigger a shooting war or really even much of a response, what would it take?”

If the President believes that a major cyberattack could lead to a shooting war, dan, met graagte, that means you need to institute policies now. You need to have a strong stance towards China and towards Russia,” Miller-Meeks responded.

She also reminded Gowdy that if Rusland did indeed interfere with food and energy supplies, then its cyberattacks do indeed affect citizens on a local level. She suggested Biden take a harsher stance on Russia through sanctions or trade deals, criticizing his approval of the Nord Stream pypleiding.

The best offense is a good defense, and right now, we’re not in a posture war. We’re really putting forth the best interests of the United States.

Gowdy closed by asking Miller-Meeks her opinion on women being drafted into the military. Citing her own military experience, she recognized that while women do have a place in the military, the focus must always be on the defense of the United States.

We have to remember what’s the goal of our military. The goal of our military is not wokeness. The goal of our military is to protect the homeland. It’s to go to war and to go into battle.

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