Rep. Nancy Mace: Biden's 'infrastructure' fiasco – Dems offering Green New Deal in sheep's clothing

Respectfully, no, they are not. Nor is approximately 85% of the $ 2 trillion monstrosity Biden released last week and dubbed “infrastructure.”

As a new member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in Congress, and as the new representative of a district in need of funding for roads, bridges and ports, I’m disturbed by the left’s hijacking of the bipartisan issue of infrastructure and their work to morph it into a socialist wish list. 


Some of the components of Biden’s “infrastructure” plan are just absurd. 

The proposal includes $ 20 billion to advance racial equity and environmental justice. I’m not entirely sure what that means, or what the government is supposed to spend $ 20 billion on to make sure these vague goals are achieved, but I do know it has nothing to do with infrastructure.


The plan incorporates large swaths of the socialist “Green New Deal,” which remains firmly planted on the brains and wish lists of socialists in the House and Senate despite both Congress and voters rejecting the bill.  

For example, $ 175 billion – nearly 10% of the package – is dedicated to subsidizing electric vehicles. Another $ 100 billion is allocated to building new public schools to make school lunches “Greener.” There is $ 50 billion is set aside for the National Science Foundation, and $ 200 billion is meant to green up and fix our power grid, the one that we just overloaded with the $ 174 billion in electric car subsidies.

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The total spending on Green New Deal style waste could end up being nearly half of the bill. 

Far-left Democrats and the Biden administration have been using this tactic all year, most recently passing a COVID “relief” package in which nearly 90% of the money allocated had absolutely nothing to do with relief, all while our national debt continues to mount.

Most Americans would reject these mammoth packages if they actually knew a majority of the spending goes toward advancing unrelated, far-left priorities.

Including Biden’s infrastructure plan, the left has proposed $ 7 TRILLION in new spending in just one year. 

Over $ 600 billion of your tax dollars would subsidize favored corporations and technologies, rather than allowing a market to develop them. Another $ 400 billion bails out Medicaid programs. The list goes on and on, but I can assure you, very little of it is what any normal American would consider to be “infrastructure.”

On Friday, the White House unveiled yet another spending plan … which requests a 16% increase in federal spending in one year. 

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