Rep. Nancy Mace: Biden's spending plan will cost America big time – we can't afford 4 more years of this

It was a welcome change after years of radical voices calling louder and louder for things like Supreme Court-packing, single-payer health care, and trillions of dollars in spending. This was a real chance for the radical left in Congress to be sidelined so both parties could come together and do the work the American people sent us here to do. 

Of course, I knew how difficult and unlikely this was, but I never would’ve predicted just how far left Pelosi’s party would go in just 100 days, and how President Biden would become their biggest cheerleader for a massive expansion of government.  

Washington, D.C. has spent nearly $ 2 trillion taxpayers don’t have on a “COVID relief” package, where less than 10 percent had anything to do with COVID relief. They’ve unveiled a $ 2.3 trillion “infrastructure” package, 93 percent of which is spent on anything and everything but our roads and bridges.  


Then, at the joint address to Congress on Wednesday, President Biden revealed yet another $ 1.8 trillion spending package that inserts Washington bureaucrats into family decisions, and disincentivizes work, opportunity and prosperity, and asks for the largest tax hike in American history during the middle of a pandemic.  

And how will Nancy Pelosi pay for this $ 7 trillion in new spending?  

Simple: She won’t.  

The far-left wants to force our kids and grandkids to pay for every single penny of it. As if the $ 28 trillion national debt we have right now wasn’t enough. 

This is not bipartisan. In fact, it’s the most radical expansion of government and debt in decades, possibly ever. 

Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have taken control of the Democratic party and President Biden is just living in it.  

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