rappresentante. Nancy Mace says Fauci 'sent puppies to slaughter' with 'barbaric and gruesome' NIH-funded experiments

Mace told “Fox News Primetime” that she began looking into the White House medical advisor’s department following reports that hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayer dollars were used to subject dogs to cruel testing before ultimately killing them. What she found was nothing short ofbarbaric and gruesome scientific experiments,” lei disse.

What we learned recently is that Dr. Fauci is sending puppies to slaughter basically. I learned a few weeks ago that a grant worth about $ 1.68 million was spent to take 44 beagle puppies, to take their vocal cords out so the scientists couldn’t hear their cries or their barks. They were then drugged, killed and dissected. Quasi $ 2 million to kill 44 beagle puppies,” she told guest host Brian Kilmeade.

Anthony Fauci, direttore dell

Anthony Fauci, direttore dell'Istituto nazionale di allergie e malattie infettive, listens during a Senate Health, Formazione scolastica, Lavoro duro e faticoso, and Pensions Committee confirmation hearing in Washington, D.C., NOI., martedì, luglio 20, 2021. The top U.S. infectious-disease expert yesterday said the delta variant of the coronavirus is causing a significant increase in infections and the Biden administration ispractically pleadingwith people to get vaccinated. Fotografo: Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times/Bloomberg via Getty Images (Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Un report from the White Coat Waste Project that was based off a Freedom of Information Act request with the National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Disease trovato that more than $ 400,000 in taxpayer money was spent on canine experiments during which beagles were infected with parasites via biting flies. Mace said the insectsare literally eating beagles alive from the neck up.

Why are we wasting this kind of money on these kinds of barbaric and gruesome scientific experiments on these sweet and innocent animals?” lei chiese. “These poor dogs killing them with our money. Terribile. We would never do this here in the U.S.

Il progetto ha riferito che Dr. Anthony Fauci’s bureaucracy’s budget in 2021 è una stima $ 6 billion and that documents obtained through FOIA show evidence of a study in which otherwise healthy beagles were treated with an experimental medication before being introduced to biting flies that were carrying a parasite known to be contagious to humans.

It’s disgusting,” Mace said. “And it’s as if those lies about Covid-19 were not bad enough, adesso, they there is this. The more I learn about what is going on with taxpayer dollars and these grants that we’re sending to other countries overseas, literally the worse it gets,” ha continuato. “I have been an animal rights activist for a long time. I promised to work across the aisle with Democrats and Republicans when we agreed on an issue. This is one where millions of Americans agree. This should stop and should stop immediately.

Mace was joined by 23 Democrat and Republican colleagues who signed on to her letter demanding answers from the NIH.

The congresswoman said that if Fauci does not respond within a number of days, lei “will have to ratchet it up.As for future experiments, Mace said she hopes the country will come together in a bipartisan fashion to prevent such treatment of animals moving forward.

I expect a response from the NIH or grants funded under that program,” lei disse. “È devastante. If this is will bring our country together to…do the right thing to save these animals from slaughter in the future I am for it,” lei disse, before adding, “Dott. Fauci has got to be held accountable for everything he has done to this country in the last years. It’s devastating.

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