Rep. Nancy Mace says we must hold China 'accountable' for COVID

REP. NANCY MACE: Look at COVID-19 right now. As you stated earlier, 4M people around the world have died from the virus. 600,000 of those people right here in the United States. And there are three labs in the world that do this gain-of-function research, and it just so happened that one of those is in Wuhan, China, the exact same location that the Wuhan virus originated. 

And Nancy Pelosi just recently said any hearing in Congress investigating the origins of COVID-19 is simply a distraction. That statement, not only is it negligent, but it’s grossly negligent. We owe it to the American people and every other country around the world that’s suffering right now, to get to the bottom of how this happened so we can prevent it in the future. 

And, quite frankly, China is playing big ball here and we’re just slapping them on the wrist. We have to hold them accountable for this. 





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