Rep. Pramila Jayapal: $  1.5 trillion for economic bill 'not going to happen'

House Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal said Sunday that the $ 1.5 trillion figure for the economic bill wastoo small,” but wouldn’t say whether she would accept the $ 2.1 trillion dollar price tag that is being floated.

That’s not going to happen,” Jayapal told CNN’s Dana Bash on “Staat van die Unie” when pressed on the $ 1.5 trillion number. “That’s too small to get our priorities in. It’s going to be somewhere between 1.5 en 3.5, and I think the White House is working on that right now because, onthou, what we want to deliver is childcare, paid leave and climate change, housing.
The Washington state Democrat’s comments come as negotiations over the bill continue after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed bringing the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill to the floor for a vote late last week.
    A document circulated this week, dated July, revealed that Manchin laid out what he wanted to see in the economic bill, including a topline around $ 1.5 trillion and added he did not want to begin debate until October 1. He also told Bash in a previous interview he wanted between $ 1 triljoen en 1.5 trillion for the legislation.
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