Reps. Waltz joins censure against Omar and 'The Squad'; renames far-left lawmakers 'The Hamas Caucus'

VALS: Bien, la estamos censurando a ella y al escuadrón, les cambiamos el nombre de "Hamas Caucus" porque esto no es algo único, esta es una serie de declaraciones.

Les recordaré a todos que la Sra.. Omar fue censurado formalmente en 2019, that did pass the house, that was voted on for then-statements, but the bottom line is to equate the United States and Israel with the Taliban and Hamas onatrocitiesis personally offensive to me.

I am a green beret that served all over the Middle East and Africa, I’ve seen women personally attacked, I’ve seen acid thrown on their faces, girl’s schools machinegunned, children with suicide vests strapped onto them by these terrorist organizations. And I’ve visited Israeli homes, all of which, their schools and bus stops included had to have bunkers to defend their families against Hamas rockets are so enough is enough.


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