Rep. Waltz on 'Faulkner Focus': Putin, Xi want to lead 'new world order' against weakened US


MICHAEL WALTZ: A lot of Americans are asking, and I think rightly so, why is Ukraine in our interest? Why is it in our interest to take bold action here? I’m not advocating for putting American boots on the ground in Ukraine, but there’s a lot more that we should be doing to help them defend themselves. And the reason it’s in our interest is you just said the world, just watch the Taliban dictate the terms and the message everyone received was jihad won, democracy lost. Now they’re watching Putin dictate the terms. And just next week, in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, you’re going to see Putin and Xi standing side by side talking about a new world order. Why should Americans care? Well, we shouldn’t just stand by and allow the old Soviet Union to get put back together again. And Putin has stated since 2005 that the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the demise of the Soviet Union. He fully intends to put it back together. He’s doing it on Obama and Biden’s watch. And they intend to challenge the United States side by side with China.

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