Reps. Waltz slams Biden for appeasing Russia and China: ‘Our adversaries smell weakness in the White House’

MICHAEL VALS: In his first days in office he [Biden] canceled the [Piedra clave] tubería, Russian backed hackers attacked our biggest pipeline in Colonial after he canceled Keystone and now we are just going to let the Russians have their pipeline and give away the sanctions and get nothing in return. Whose side is Biden on? [presidente] Triunfo, Ric Grenell, [Miguel] Pompeo and the team took tough measures against Russia. Look at what they did compared to what Biden is doing, it’s a complete giveaway. It’s part of the bigger picture in that our adversaries right now smell weakness in the White House and our adversaries when they smell weakness push and are emboldened. Under President Trump they were deterred by strength. That’s what we’re seeing form Hamas launching rockets on Israel and the Iranians on the march in the Middle East. The Russians now getting their pipeline completed for free and nothing in return. We are soon going to see the Taliban on the march. The Chinese are the greatest threat this country has ever faced with a Navy that’s larger than ours, an economy that’s on the verge of being bigger than ours, more launches into space than the rest of the world combined, and they are stealing our technology left, derecho, and center. Because they have Wall Street, our universities and our politicians corrupt on Chinese money. The number one job of the federal government is to keep us safe and that’s the last thing Joe Biden is doing right now.


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