Reported texts claim Americans stranded at Kabul airport waved passports; weren't let in: Solomon

Solomon told “Hannity” that one unnamed 82nd Airborne commander exclaimed Sunday “we are [expletive] abandoning American citizens.” 

“Because Biden was not going to do that, and the military to rescue stranded Americans texted “You guys left American citizens at the gate of Kabul airport, three empty jets paid for by volunteers were waiting for them. You and I talked on the phone. I told you where they were, gave you their passport images, and my email and my phone number, you left them behind,” one former special forces soldier wrote in a message read by host Sean Hannity.

That soldier, the host said, was working with private networks because Biden and the State Department under Secretary Antony J. Blinken were either ineffective or refusing to help.

“There is a scene unfolding Saturday and Sunday, while the spinsters at the Pentagon and the State Department and the White House are saying ‘any American who wants to come home is going to be able to come home’,” Solomon said. 

“Meanwhile there are Americans waving their passports. They got through the Taliban checkpoint — they’re at the gate at the U.S. Military controls, they are waving their passports, ‘we are Americans, let us in’, and they were turned away — And a colonel who is witnessing this from afar says we are bleeping leaving American citizens behind – he could not believe it.”


Front-line soldiers wanted to “turn the key” and open the gate but could not because of orders from the top, Solomon reported.

“And, everything that was going on – they have debunked what the Biden administration is telling the American people on television.”

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