Die Republikein Dan Sullivan wen herverkiesing in die Amerikaanse senaatswedloop in Alaska

Republikeinse sen. Dan Sullivan sal die herverkiesing in Alaska wen, CNN geprojekteer Woensdag, verslaan onafhanklike Al Gross, wat met die steun van nasionale Demokrate gehardloop het.

Sullivan joins the growing ranks of Republican incumbents who have successfully defended seats that Democrats targeted this year in their efforts to win the Senate majority. Democrats are now looking to what is expected to be two Georgia runoff races in January as their only remaining shot at winning a majority in the chamber.
Sullivan, first elected in 2014, highlighted his record in the Senate to argue that he has delivered for Alaskans and attempted to portray Gross as a far-left liberal.
Gross, in contrast, aangeval Sullivan’s record in Washington and emphasized his own medical background as a doctor while pushing a message that he would work to improve health care affordability and access amid the coronavirus crisis.
    Gross put the race in play, gedeeltelik, by posting strong fundraising numbers. But that wasn’t enough to oust the Republican senator.
      Sullivan’s victory comes as the path for Democrats to win the majority has narrowed significantly and all eyes are fixed on Georgia. A closely watched Georgia special election will advance to a January runoff between Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Raphael Warnock, CNN projected last week. Georgia se ander Senaatswedloop, tussen Republikeinse Sen. David Perdue en die demokratiese Jon Ossoff, is also expected to go to a runoff, though CNN has not officially projected that race. Democrats would need to flip both of those seats and the White House to win control since the vice president can break ties in the chamber.
      A scenario where control of the Senate ends up on the line in two January runoffs would mean weeks of frantic and intense campaigning by Democrats and Republicans in two incredibly high-stakes elections where money would undoubtedly flow in at rapid speed from across the country.

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