Republicans push back against Nancy Pelosi's mask-wearing orders: 'She has gone totally nuts'

NANCY MACE: Nancy Pelosi is totally off the rails, I mean, to advise the Capitol Hill police that staff and visitors to Capitol Hill will be arrested for not wearing a mask. She has gone totally nuts on this thing. And I can think of no worse incentive than telling the American people that if you’re vaccinated and you must still wear a mask because do vaccinations work or do they not? And the CDC guidance that they’re supposedly basing it on, requiring House members to be masked up and yet when you cross over to the Senate side, there’s no COVID because there is no masks required over there. And the other thing is with the CDC guidance is they’re basing it on data number one, that they won’t share with the American people or those who are elected to office in Congress. But they’re supposedly basing it on data from another country on a vaccine that is not made by companies here in the United States, which is how we’re vaccinated. I don’t understand it. This is not science, it’s actually anti-science.

They’re certainly virtue signaling, and one of the things that I learned today, which is really scary, is that if you’re a citizen of the United States and you travel to Mexico and you want to come back home after vacation, our country, the United States of America, requires its citizens to test negative for COVID-19. So when the left and Nancy Pelosi and President Biden and Chuck Schumer talk about the Delta variant and spreading COVID, what do you think they’re doing along the border? They’re allowing in illegal immigrants who have COVID, they’re not being tested, they’re not getting vaccinated. And you sure as heck know that we’re not requiring them to wear masks when they cross the border. So this is an agenda that is un-American. 


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