Rescuers are searching for a skier buried by an avalanche in Utah

Rescue teams in Utah began searching Sunday for a skier who was buried by an avalanche Saturday.

The skier was one of two who triggered the avalanche in the backcountry in an area known as Square Top outside of resort boundaries near the Park City Mountain Canyons Village resort, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office said in a nuusvrystelling.
The second skier was able todig to the victim and attempted lifesaving efforts,” but was forced to leave because of dangerous conditions, volgens die vrylating.
The extreme avalanche danger prevented rescuers from getting into the area before nightfall,” het die balju se kantoor gesê.
    Summit County Search and Rescue is working with a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter in efforts to find the missing skier, whose identity has not been released.
      As snowstorms pile on top of each other throughout the winter months, snow’s consistency may change and become unstable and dangerous. Backcountry travelers are urged to analyze the layers of snow and test their stability before skiing or snowmobiling.
      The sheriff’s office cautioned people to useextreme cautionwhen entering the backcountry, check avalanche conditions at the Utah Avalanche Center and use proper equipment when skiing.




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