Residents of Washington State town told to evacuate due to the threat of an explosion

A fire in a Washington State town has forced residents to flee the area due to the threat of a potential explosion.

Local police and fire agencies are on the scene of a commercial structure fire at Washington Potato Company in Warden, 워싱턴, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.
이있다 “risk of ammonia tank explosion,” 보안관 사무실에서 말했다.
Warden is located about 90 miles southwest of Spokane. The population of the town is approximately 2,800, according to a recent Census Bureau estimate. It is unclear at this time the exact number of residents ordered to evacuate.
    Authorities have issued a Level 3 evacuation, which meansGO NOW” ...에 대한 “All areas west of Road U-SE and south of SR170, Warden,” a tweet from the sheriff’s office said.
    Law enforcement officers will go door-to-door to notify persons in the Level 3 지역,” 메시지는 말했다.
    Officials said there have been no reports of injuries so far.
      The Red Cross can provide assistance to those displaced by the #WardenFire,” the Grant County Sheriff’s Office tweeted.
      According to the Washington Potato Company, owned by Oregon Potato Co., it is known forpremium quality dehydrated and dehydrofrozen potato products both domestically and throughout the world.

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