Restaurant CEO teams up with Rob Schneider, other celebrities to help struggling businesses in new series

With the help of actor Rob Schneider, Snoop Dogg, and other celebridad amigos, “Restaurant Recoveryhighlights Graves and his team providing makeovers to local franchises across the nation.

The Raising Cane’s CEO toldzorro & Fin de semana de amigosSaturday he wanted to lend a hand to independent family restaurants who suffered from the global virus outbreak and decided to hire a production team for the project.


I was just there to eat,” Schneider joked. “Todd really cares about people, sabes, and he cares about food most…these people are struggling in their restaurant.

The Hollywood actor went on to say the business owners featured onRestaurant Recoveryhave put theirheart and soulfor years into their work and expressed the “emocional” project was great to be a part of.

To give them a chance just to get back to just breaking even and to make some money, it just brought tears to their eyes,” Schneider told the co-hosts. “You cannot help but be emotionally involved with these people and Todd really was able to make a difference for each of these restaurants…I was amazed.

Graves added he helpedgreat restaurant ownerslaunch new concepts and ideas that assisted them through the pandemic.

Support small businesses, family-owned in your neighborhood,” Graves and Schneider strongly encouraged.

Para más información, “Restaurant Recoveryis streaming now on discovery+.

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