Rev. Franklin Graham reached over 68,000 Christians and others in Brazil this weekend

The event “filled Copacabana Beach with music and hope nearly 48 years after Billy Graham’s remarkable visit to Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in 1974,” the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association reported to Fox News Digital on Sunday. 

The crowd that showed up on the beach for Rev. Graham’s appearance “was filled with energy and excitement — and the rain didn’t dampen their enthusiasm” for hearing the good news of the Lord, the organization noted. 


At a time when there is a great deal of suffering around the world, Rev. Graham emphasized a lasting message of God’s love — “and when he gave the gospel invitation, a sea of hands went up,” the organization reported. 

“Thousands of people indicated that they made decisions for Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Graham told all those assembled, “The Bible says the value of the human soul is worth more than the entire world,” his organization reported to Fox News Digital.

“Let’s say you own all the real estate on Copacabana Beach, you own the hotels, the luxury apartments, the beautiful restaurants,” he added. 

“Let’s say all of that was yours — your soul is worth far more than all of that,” he said.

“You have more value.”

Rev. Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association partnered with more than 4,000 churches in Rio de Janeiro to share the gospel.

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