Revelers attempt rooftop escape after illegal nightclub is shut down

Police in England have raided apacked nightclubwhere about 150 revelers were partying, with footage of the moment dozens fled via the roof released.

The venue in Birmingham, Engeland, boasted a VIP area, dance room and a DJwho could now face a £10,000 ($ 13,880) fine for breaching the country’s coronavirus lockdown rules, West Midlands Police said.
Dramatic footage released Monday shows officers shouting “polisie” before forcing their way into the illegal rave, located near the city’s Jewelery Quarter, in the early hours of Sunday morning.
A VIP sign is captured at an illegal rave in Birmingham in the early hours of Sunday, Februarie 14.

The commotion is audible from a crowd as they become aware that their party has been ended rather abruptly. Police were pelted with bottles and one officer suffered a minor injury, volgens die polisie.
    Thermal imaging from a police drone showed revelers trying to escape the venue from the rooftop.
    England is in its third national lockdown, with people instructed to stay home and mixing between households banned.
    The illegal party had a bar, neon signs and a dance room, and officers even came across a recording studio and gym in the building, polisie gesê.
    Rondom 70 people were issued with £200 ($ 278) boetes, according to West Midlands Police.
    Assistant Chief Constable Chris Todd called the attacks on officers “onaanvaarbaar” and praised the crack down.
    Our officers continue to work long and hard to protect the public and reduce the spread of this deadly virus by breaking up these gatherings, often in really difficult circumstances,” hy het gesê.
      While there’s much to be hopeful of in terms of the roll out of coronavirus vaccines, people must remember that we are still in lockdown and the virus is still a real threat to communities across the West Midlands.
      In a separate incident on Saturday night, police also discovered a garage workshop in Dudley Port had been converted into a bar — geroep “The Covid Arms.




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