Revival season of 'COPS' rolls out exclusively on Fox Nation

The revival Season 33 of reality-TV-favorite警察exclusively rolled out on 福克斯民族, 星期五.

福克斯民族, the streaming service complement to Fox News Channel, announced in September it would inherit the rights to the hit series after it was canceled in the wake of the George Floyd protests.


今天, subscribers can binge the first four episodes, and non-subscribers have the opportunity to catch a 自由 插曲. New episodes are slated to release every Friday on the app.

The series follows city police officers across the country during patrols, calls for service and other police activities. The show has also featured both state and federal agencies, 包含 我们. 海关与边境保护 and the United States Marshals Service.

Featured in the first four episodes are a determined quad driver who attempts to outrun police, a deputy who has doubts about a man’s professed distrust of banks, and a man who ignores obvious red flags when buying a moped — and ends up paying the price.

During its run time, “警察” received four primetime Emmy nominations and earned the American Television Award for Best Reality-Based Program in 1993.


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福克斯新闻’ Laura Carrione contributed to this report.