Maestra de RI otorga a los estudiantes crédito adicional por su testimonio contra el proyecto de ley que prohíbe los CRT en las escuelas

“Dijo que estaba buscando voces de estudiantes para agregar a su testimonio., para hacerlo mas fuerte. Esto obviamente pasa por alto la dinámica de poder entre un estudiante y un maestro.. Los estudiantes quieren buenas calificaciones, they know what is expected of them, and so yeah, wink wink, we’ll give you what you want, Milisegundo. Teacher, and it’s disappointing because this is obviously a coordinated campaign to oppose this bill,” said Neily.


The Daily Wire informó that two Rhode Island teachers encouraged their students to testify against a bill that would ban critical race theory from the classroom. One of the teachers offered students extra credit in exchange for their testimony.

The Rhode Island House of Representatives’ Education Committee held a hearing on a bill related to critical race theory in March. Padres defendiendo la educación [PDE] said they were notified that over 100 students from Barrington High School signed up to testify and then, sin embargo, menos que 40 answered their phones when called to express their opinions.

One student answered the phone and admitted he did not have anything to say but had signed up because his teacher asked him to do so,” según el informe.

After PDE filed a Freedom of Information request with Barrington High School, Jennifer Bergevine and Alison Greico were identified as the two teachers encouraging students to testify on the bill.

Greico wrote, “I have just learned that H6070 is in committee in the RI House of Representatives. This bill essentially states that there should be no discussion of race or gender in classrooms … If you want to talk on this bill, you have only until 4PM today to sign up to talk. I strongly urge you to testify on this bill tomorrow … As always, if you are a student in my class, you will receive 5 points on your next unit test if you decide to testify and provide me with your written testimony.

Neily went on to say, “Certainly people should know what’s happening in their classrooms because bear in mind this is being done to our children with our tax dollars in our name.

Everybody has the right to know what their child is learning and if you don’t like how your child is being taught about issues, such as race, such as gender, such as politics you should be able to go and talk to your school about it but schools are discouraging that and shaming families.

Sponsored by Republican Rep. Patricia Morgan of West Warwick, la cuenta haría “prohibit schools from teaching that Rhode Island or the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist and that an individual, ‘by virtue of their race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the paston account of their race or gender.’


De acuerdo con la Providence Journal, “three students who said they attended Barrington High School spoke out against the bill.

Host Steve Doocy said the school did not respond to a request for comment.

One of the students, Elijah Short, un junior, argued that the school’s curriculumcannot be considered White shaming.The student also said that the billlimits what can be taughton the subject of racism.

The curriculum has sparked a national conversation about the role of race and racism in school districts across the country. A menudo comparado por los críticos con el racismo real, CRT es una escuela de pensamiento que generalmente se enfoca en cómo las estructuras de poder y las instituciones impactan a las minorías raciales.

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