Ric Grenell: Too many Americans are 'falling prey to government directives'

RIC GRENELL: 16 cents won’t get you on the other side of the Washington Post paywall, where all of the newsrooms in Washington, D.C., across the political spectrum, are celebrating the 16 cents. And so what happens in Washington, D.C. is, is that they read each other. They retweet each other, they recycle each other’s news, and then they go into the newsroom and they say, wow, this is such a popular story of saving 16 cents. But they never really realize is that they’re literally retweeting and talking among themselves. This is the problem of Washington. It’s so insular. I’m here in California. People mock this story. They know that when they drive to the grocery store, they just blew through way more money than 16 cents. And there’s a whole list of things that are more expensive. And so only in Washington, D.C. does this type of narrative work. And Joe Biden will keep ignoring questions about foreign policy because he gets to the media, will allow him to when in Washington, D.C. But when you talk to regular people, they’re laughing. 

I’ve been very worried over the last year that we have too many Americans that are just falling prey to government directives. That’s not what America is about. We’re not supposed to be told to stay in our homes and lock our doors and not go out. Look, the warnings about health practices and covid, they’re all good, but they’re warnings. They shouldn’t be mandates. I hope the American people start standing up and pushing back. The country that allows the government to dictate our behavior is the country that falls prey to totalitarianism and fascism pretty fast. And I’m really worried that we don’t have enough Americans recognizing what the government is trying to do. Washington, DC, as Ryan says, corporate America, the media, they’re all in on this. We’ve got to push back and people need to speak up and they need to be supported when others speak up. So go to Facebook, go to social media, talk this weekend when you’re celebrating your freedoms and your independence, and speak out and don’t be afraid. 


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