Rick Perry shuts down Biden's electric vehicle push, 미국인들의 전기료를 인상할 것이라고 말한다

민주당 상원의원들은 바이든이 기후 행정 조치에 대해 '연동되지 않음'을 촉구합니다., DESPITE RECENT SUPREME COURT EPA RULING

RICK PERRY: And driving the cost of electricity up because he’s going to push more and more subsidies into solar and wind, which at the end of the day cannot keep the grid up. You’ve got to have a baseload power supply, either fossil fuels or nuclear, to keep your grid going. So pushing more incentives into electric cars, into solar, into wind, all that’s going to do at the end of the day is drive up the cost of electricity. And who gets hurt worst? The people that can’t afford it.

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