Right-wing attorney who challenged election results says Trump wrote him handwritten notes

Right-wing attorney John Eastman revealed in a late-night court filing that he was in touch directly with then-President Donald Trump about plans to overturn the 2020 選挙, これ included receiving Trump’s handwritten notes.

1月を調査するハウスセレクト委員会 6, 2021, insurrection is still seeking documents from Eastman. 裁判所への提出, Eastman described two of them ashand-written notes from former President Trump about information that he thought might be useful for the anticipated litigation.
Eastman also said he was in touch withsix conduitsof Trump about what the former President wanted as the lawyer took part in the effort to plot court cases challenging the election. Three of the people worked for Trump’s 2020 運動, and three were the President’s immediate staff, Eastman said.
    While Dr. Eastman could (and did) communicate directly with former President Trump at times, many of his communications with the President were necessarily through these agents,” Eastman’s attorneys wrote about a total of 113 documents on Thursday.
      法廷で, Eastman is arguing that the House Select Committee should not be able to access these communications and otherstotaling about 600 pagesbecause they are private attorney-client discussions about legal efforts.
          The judgeDavid O. Carter of Santa Ana, カリフォルニア — previously determined that Eastman couldn’t protect 101 documents about his election work for Trump because the attempt to use court cases to convince then-Vice President Mike Pence and legislators block the congressional certification on January 6 was a political strategy, and that Trump and Eastman were “可能性が高い” planning a crime after the election. Neither has been charged, and the ruling did not automatically extend to the new batch of records, prompting Carter to have to look at more of Eastman’s emails one by one.
          Two of the documents that are still in dispute are the handwritten notes.