Ritchie Torres wins House race and will become first Black member of Congress who identifies as gay

Ritchie Torres, a New York City Council member, won his US House race to represent the South Bronx, becoming the first black member of Congress who identifies as gay.

Torres, 32, overwhelmingly defeated Republican Patrick Delices in the district, 중 하나 the poorest and most Democratic in the country, after winning a 12-way Democratic primary in June.
“오늘 밤, we made history,” 그 트윗. “It is the honor of a lifetime to represent the essential borough, the Bronx.
In a recent interview, Torres portrayed the primary campaign between himself and a rival, 신부님. Rubén Díaz Sr., 같이 “essentially a struggle between good and evil.Díaz, a cowboy hat-wearing, 77-한 살, socially conservative City Council member with a history of homophobic remarks, has said that he is in favor of traditional family values and claims he has been attacked for espousing them.
    Torres will succeed Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano, who is retiring after 30 years in Congress. Torres told CNN that hishighest priority” 이다 “the affordability crisisin housing, and would work to expand the child tax credit to alleviate child poverty.
    He said if Democrats take the White House and Congress, they would have aonce in a century opportunity to govern as boldly in the 21st century as FDR did in the 20th century.Torres wants torebalancethe Supreme Court with additional justices and said if Puerto Rico votes in a referendum this November for statehood, then Congresswill have an obligation to act upon what the people voted for.
    That to me is self-determination,” 그는 말했다. “That is decolonization. That is democracy.
      The Democrat said his victory wasdeeply gratifying.
      I hope I can represent the possibility that a poor kid, a kid of color, a LGBTQ kid from a place like the Bronx, can overcome the odds and become a member of the United States Congress,” 그는 말했다.

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