RNC吹捧 40 百万选民联系, 几乎 $  40M cash-on-hand 100 选举日前几天

一名共和党全国委员会官员吹捧该党的 “重要的里程碑” in terms of voter contacts, 告诉福克斯新闻 40 百万数字是 “14 million more than this same point in 2018.

The official told Fox News that Iowa is the 13th state to surpass 1 百万选民联系, while Pennsylvania, 俄亥俄, 佛罗里达, 维吉尼亚州, 加利福尼亚州, New Jersey and Texas each have “远超” 2 百万选民联系.

As for financials, the RNC raised $ 14.5 million last month — with officials calling that the party’s “最好 midterm June on record.In Q2, the RNC reported $ 41.8 百万.


罗娜·麦克丹尼尔, Chair of the Republican National Committee, photographed in her Michigan home.

罗娜·麦克丹尼尔, Chair of the Republican National Committee, photographed in her Michigan home. (Photo by Nick Hagen/Getty)

这一点, the RNC has $ 37.4 million cash-on-hand, 和 $ 0 债务.

The RNC’s permanent, data-driven ground game has allowed us to contact tens of millions of Americans heading into November,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News. “Our strong momentum and grassroots enthusiasm is higher than ever, but Republicans are not taking anything for granted – we are out-investing and out-organizing Democrats every day.

McDaniel added that the GOP isworking day in and day out to hold Biden accountable and turn out every single vote to win back our majorities this November.

与此同时, party officials told Fox News that the RNC’smajor multi-million investmentin itspermanent data-driven ground game operation” 是 “firing on all cylinders.

The RNC has hired more than 700 staffers in the field and engaged more than 550,000 grassroots volunteers.

The RNC also has more than 30 community centers to promote minority engagement this cycle. The party already made a multi-million dollar commitment to continue its organizing efforts in Asian-Pacific American, 黑色, and Hispanic communities in key states across the country.

The RNC opened its community centersearlier than everto ensure Republicanscontinue to make inroads with minority voters to help us achieve our goal of taking back the House and Senate in 2022.

用 100 days until Americans hit the polls, the Party is also ramping up its strategic initiatives, with officials saying itsdata operation is the backbone and foundation of our field program, influencing the strategy behind who we target.


This enables us to be more efficient with our time and resources as we know who to target with the right message at the right time,” 这位官员说.

The RNC, for multiple cycles, has invested 多于 $ 350 百万 into developingstate-of-the-artdata and technology,” 按照官方说法, who said the data are shared with candidates up and down the ballotfree of chargethrough the GOP’s relationship with state parties. The official said that gives the GOP ahuge advantage over the Democrats.

Republican Elephant graphic, the symbol of the Republican Party.

Republican Elephant graphic, the symbol of the Republican Party. (盖蒂图片社)

As for voter registration, the official said the RNC has made historic investments in key battleground states, 导致 “significant voter registration gains” 在佛罗里达, 宾夕法尼亚州, 北卡罗来纳, 爱荷华州, 内华达州, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

The official told Fox News Republicans now outnumber Democrats 在佛罗里达 通过 220,000.

Hispanic voters areone of the fastest growing demographic groups for Republicans in the nation,” 消息人士说, pointing to gains in Southern Florida and the Rio-Grande Valley in Texas.

Republicans from Cleveland to Miami are firing on all cylinders to take back the House and Senate,” RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn told Fox News.