Rob Smith ‘not surprisedGeorge Orwell’s ‘1984reached Amazon’s top sellers amid Big Tech censorship

Rob Smith 'not surprised' George Orwell's '1984' reached Amazon's top sellers amid Big Tech censorship

George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” reaching Amazon’s top list of book purchases amid 大科技 审查制度 is not surprising, podcast host and author Rob Smith said on Wednesday.

I think that the pendulum is going to shift too far and even some people on the left are going to start saying ‘Woah, what is going on now?'” the host ofRob Smith is Problematic” 告诉 “狐狸 & 友人.”

史密斯说 “1984” is selling because people are growing concerned over the censorship of a president.

When you think about what has happened over the course of the past week, when you had the president banned from Twitter, banned from Facebook, banned from Instagram, banned from Snapchat. I bet you didn’t even know he had a Snapchat. He did, it was hysterical,” 史密斯说.

Smith went on to say, “But this is sending a chilling message to free speech and it is everything that the book ‘1984was talking about so I am not surprised that more people are discovering and rediscovering that because it is practically what we are living in right now.


Smith reacted to the dystopian novel, which a story about a society controlled totally by the government, topping Amazon’s bestseller list.

与此同时, 的YouTube said Tuesday it had removed new content from 特朗普总统的 official channel and will prevent videos from being uploaded for a minimum of a week.

公司, 归Google所有, 说决定了 “经过审查, 并考虑到持续存在的暴力可能性” in the wake of a pro-Trump riot that breached the U.S. 国会大厦 一月. 6.

“鉴于对暴力的持续关注, 我们还将无限期禁止对特朗普总统频道的评论, 就像我们对其他在评论部分发现安全问题的渠道所做的一样,” YouTube添加了.


Smith said that the pendulum will swing further because it has even alarmed thefar-left craziesat the American Civil Liberties Union.

Even some of them have gone on record, some lawyers for the ACLU have said that silencing the president of the United States has gone too far.

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