Rockefeller, the tiny owl that captured our hearts, is back in the wild

There may have been mixed feelings about the Rockefeller Christmas tree este año, but there was nothing of the sort for the tiny, adorable owl that was found in it.

Rockyshort for her nickname ofRockefeller” — was released back into the wild after spending several days at the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center, where she received only the best mice and best treatment.
El martes, the center announced that the avian veterinarians and owl experts it had been working with had cleared the owl for takeoff. She was released Tuesday at dusk, in a conifer forest in Upstate New York.
Have a safe flight, Rocky!

The center filmed and posted that release on Facebook, writing it wasa success.
    She is a tough little bird and we’re happy to see her back in her natural habitat,” the center escribió. “We are sure that Rocky will feel your love and support through her journey south.
    The dozens of reactions that poured in were, understandably, emotional.
      That was so moving,” one Facebook user wrote. “Thank you for sharing and for your dedication to these wild souls.
      The Saw-whet owl traveled about 170 miles last week on the tree and was discovered during transport, the center said.




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