Ron Klain hasn't retweeted Jennifer Rubin since Politico reported on lovefest between Biden WH, WaPoコラムニスト

バイデン政権の過程で, オブザーバーは、クレインがどのように, Twitterでハイパーアクティブな人, 行政の好意的な報道を提供するジャーナリストをリツイートすることで知られるようになりました. Among those is Rubin, a once outspoken conservative writer and harsh critic of President Obama who has since morphed into one of バイデン大統領の biggest cheerleaders.

The coziness between the columnist and the White House became so glaring that Politico even ran a report about their lovefest.


しかしながら, ever since the Politico report, Klain has reframed from retweeting or liking any of Rubin’s tweets or columns.

実際には, the last time Klain retweeted Rubin was on Sept. 13, which was three days before Politico published its findings. This marks a running total of ten days without visible Klain-Rubin activity.

9月. 13 tweet promoted a column Rubin had written supporting the Biden administration’s crackdown on businesses in order to boost 予防接種. The previous retweet took place on Sept. 10.

During the retweet drought, Rubin defended Biden’s foreign policy following the awkward spat that took place with France, trashed GOP lawmakers amid the Capitol Hill debate overspending, and slammed the 最高裁判所 on not quashing Texasabortion law.


According to Politico, Klain hadretweeted or @ mentioned Rubin more than three dozen times since mid-Mayand that her columns were promoted by the White House press team, the VP’s office, インクルード 国務省 and the DNC.

しかしながら, not all of Biden’s allies were on board to share Rubin’s work.

The White House has encouraged outside allies to share some of Rubin’s articles online. One told West Wing Playbook that they declined to do so because they thought it was just too embarrassing to earnestly share a Rubin column, given her history as a conservative and perceived tendency to pander to the administration,” Politico reported.


One Washington Post employee told Politicosome people in the newsroom are increasingly frustrated that Rubin is parroting the administration’s critiques of the media, which they believe emboldens the administration to push back on journalists even furtherwhile two others said theytry to ignore her or don’t read her columns.

The Politico report went viral and sparked a fiery debate after the West Wing Playbook published Rubin’s response she declared in the email wasOFF THE RECORDdespite Politico never making that agreement.

The columnist blasted Politico for running ahit piece on a prominent womanand slammed theclickbait style of coveragefrom amisogynistic publication.


ルービン, an MSNBC contributor, was a prominentNeverTrumpconservative ever since ドナルド・トランプ entered politics. It wasn’t until September 2020 that she removed her “保守的” label from her Twitter bio, declaring at the time, “There is no conservative movement or party today.

During the Trump era, Rubin was best known for flip-flopping on various positions she previously held as a conservative-sounding writer. She also claimed she cried “15, 20” times while watching the Democratic National Convention last year.

Last spring, Rubin shattered the glass ceiling, becoming the first woman and second person ever to win the viralLiberal Hack Tournament.