Ron Paul Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of former presidential candidate and US Representative Ron Paul.


Birth date: 팔월 20, 1935
출생지: 피츠버그, 펜실베니아
    Birth name: Ronald Ernest Paul
    Father: Howard Paul, dairy farmer
    Mother: 마가렛 (Dumont) 폴, dairy farmer
    Marriage: Carol (Wells) 폴 (이월 1, 1957-present)
    Children: Ronald Jr.; 로리; 랜드; 로버트; Joy
    Education: Gettysburg College, B.A., Biology, 1957; Duke University Medical Center, M.D., 1961
    Military Service: US Air Force, 1963-1965, Flight Surgeon; US Air National Guard, 1965-1968
    Religion: Baptist

    Other Facts

    Practiced obstetrics and gynecology and has delivered more than 4,000 babies.
    Never voted for legislation unless the proposed measure was expressly authorized by the 헌법; was known as “박사. 아니” for this policy.
    Voted against the Patriot Act.
    Was the first representative in US history to serve alongside his child serving in the Senate. 그의 아들, 랜드 폴 is a US senator from Kentucky.

    타임 라인

    1961-1962 – Completes internship and residency training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
    1963-1965 – Flight surgeon in the US Air Force.
    1965-1968 – Completes obstetrics and gynecology training at the University of Pittsburgh.
    1965-1968 – Reservist in the US Air National Guard.
    1975 Runs for a seat in Congress representing the 22nd district of Texas. Paul loses to incumbent Robert Casey (D-Texas).
    4 월 3, 1976-일월 3, 1977 – Serves as a member of the US House of Representatives for Texas’ 22nd district, replacing Casey who is appointed to the Federal Maritime Commission.
    십일월 1976 – Loses bid for reelection to Democrat Robert Gammage.
    일월 3, 1979-일월 3, 1985 Represents Texas’ 22nd District after beating Gammage in the 1978 선거.
    할 수있다 1983 Loses primary to Representative Phil Gramm (R- 텍사스) for John Tower’s Senate seat.
    십일월 8, 1988 Unsuccessfully runs for president of the United States as the Libertarian Party candidate.
    십일월 7, 1996 – Defeats Charles Morris and is elected to the US House of Representatives as a Republican for the 14th District of Texas.
    일월 7, 1997- 일월 3, 2013Represents Texas’ 14일 지구.
    행진 12, 2007 Files a statement of candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission to run for president as a Republican, officially entering the race for the White House.
    유월 12, 2008Suspends his presidential campaign.
    할 수있다 13, 2011Announces his run for the presidency in Exeter, 뉴햄프셔.
    칠월 12, 2011 – Paul announces he will not seek reelection for his Congressional seat in 2012.
    할 수있다 14, 2012 Paul ends active campaigning, with no campaign resources going into upcoming primary states.
    일월 3, 2013 – Retires from the US House of Representatives.
    4 월 17, 2013 – Launches his foreign policy think tank, 그만큼 Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
      팔월 5, 2015 – Three of Paul’s aides from the 2012 presidential campaign are indicted for conspiring to pay an Iowa state senator $ 73,000 to secure his endorsement before the state held its caucuses. The senator had previously supported 미셸 바흐 만. All three of the former aides are convicted in 2016.
      구월 25, 2020 – Is hospitalized after an apparent medical episode but is doing fine,” according to a tweet posted to his Twitter account. Just prior to his hospitalization, Paul was seen visually slurring his words during a livestream on his YouTube channel. The video has since been removed.




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