Ron Paul hospitalized after apparent medical episode, says he's 'doing fine'

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul was hospitalized earlier Friday after an apparent medical episode but is nowdoing fine,” according to a tweet posted to his Twitter account.

폴 — a well-known libertarian, three-time presidential candidate and the father of Republican Kentucky Sen. 랜드 폴 — was seen visually slurring his words during a livestream on his YouTube channel on Friday. The video has since been removed.
Message from Ron Paul: ‘I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern,'” a tweet posted on the former congressman’s account 정해진, which also included an image of Paul, 누구인가 85, sitting up and smiling from a hospital bed.
랜드 폴 also tweeted out a brief statement, 속담, “Thank God, Dad is doing well. Thank you for all your prayers today.
    Rand Paul’s office has not yet responded to CNN’s request for comment. CNN has also reached out to the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
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