Ron Vitiello says images from Del Rio should disturb all Americans: ‘Never seen anything like it’

海地移民接管德克萨斯州的国土安全部运输巴士, FLEE THE SCENE

RON VITIELLO: This is the point right there, they are coming in this kind of number and this volume and causing this kind of chaos because they know that many of them, even if they’re apprehended, will be released into the United States. Those images that we are seeing from Del Rio should disturb all of us. 正确的, 剩下, or center, we do not deserve that kind of condition on our soil in the United States.

I’ve never seen anything like it. We have a 500 percent increase from the encounters from last year. We went two months in a row with well over 200,000 相遇. The reason that that flow is coming to the border is because the policies that stopped the last surge at our border, which was much smaller than what we’re seeing today, were rescinded on January 20th.

We sent a signal to the world that says, if you come, come now because you have a chance of getting away because the Border Patrol is distracted by this humanitarian and crowd-control mission.