Rooftop Openbarings: Mentorship and ownership is the solution to policies from 'liberal white racists'

I want to talk to you about mentorship and ownership. It’s so important that we get those things going in our community if we’re ever going to revive [our people] and bring them back to life,” the pastor began before turning to Randall. “I wanted you to elaborate more on mentorship. How important is that, especially to young boys that we’re trying to change their lives?”


Most boys are going to emulate the men that they are around the most,” Randall said. “So they’re around the drug dealers or watching rappers or whoever comes back to the neighborhood the most, that’s who they are going to emulate. A lot of people who make it to be successful … will try and tell boys, ‘Ag, wel, you shouldn’t be doing this and you shouldn’t be that,’ versus showing them what they can do.

Randall also said that mentors have to be in the lives of these children becauseconsistency is what breeds the best in children … We have to show them that they can have nice cars, they can get a nice wife, they can have good clothes or whatever without selling drugs, without rapping or without being promised sports or something like that. We have to show them many different areas, and the only way that we can do this is through mentorship.

The pastor nodded in agreement before adding: “We have to have some ownership. We have to have some entrepreneurs. We have to start reclaiming our community.

Ownership is very important,” Cochran agreed.

One of the reasons why the Links has been able to push many bad beleid down onto communities like the South Side is because there is very little ownership. People dependent on the government have very little say in what goes on.

When we need laws change and some of these policies that are coming down that we don’t agree with, when you have an owner base, you can move the needle,” Cochran said. “And anytime you have an owner base, you could also grow.

I’ve been talking about the difference between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois, how one was about [politiese] krag, but the other one was about development,” the pastor said. “It’s going to take us, developing our communities, rebuilding our communities, bringing new life into our communities.

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Eli Steele is a documentary filmmaker and writer. His latest film isWhat Killed Michael Brown?” Twitter: @Hebro_Steele.

Camera by Terrell Allen.

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