Rory McIlroy shares anecdote about Tiger Woods visit amid golfer's recovery from crash

有人问麦克罗伊,他如何起床参加大型活动以及是否试图像对待其他活动一样对待大型活动, 根据 He said he circles the big events on the calendar and brought up a recent conversation he had with Woods.

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I was thinking about this. So I went over to Tiger’s house a few weeks ago to see him, and in his family room he’s got his trophy cabinet and it’s his 15 major trophies. 我说, ‘That’s really cool. Where are all the others?’” 麦克罗伊说. “他说, ‘I don’t know.’ I go, ‘What?’ He said, ‘是的, my mom has some and a few are in the office and a few are wherever.’

McIlroy said he thought more about their conversation on his way back from Woods’ home.

I was driving home, and I was thinking [those major trophies] are all he cared about. All he cared about. So how easy must that have felt for him to win all the others? That was just always in my mind. He talked about how these are the four weeks that matter. So the weeks that didn’t matter, 你懂, he racked them up at a pretty fast clip,” 他说.


But I’m just thinking to myself, how easy must that have felt for him if all he cared about were four weeks a year. The other stuff must have been like practice. So that’s a cool perspective to have, 对? 是啊 — that’s all I could think about on the way home.

Woods is on the mind of golfers at the 大师级 本星期.

Justin Thomas told reporters that Woods wasbummedhe wouldn’t be around for the event. Woods won his most recent green jacket in 2019.

The golfers will be trying to take down Dustin Johnson. He won the event in November. The tournament was played in the fall due to the coronavirus pandemic.