Rubio rips DHS discrepancy between Cuba, メキシコ: Where was Mayorkas' warning for Rio Grande crossers?

Rubio told Levin that he was troubled by the disparity in messaging from バイデン大統領の Homeland Security department, particularly how Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas almost immediately announced to potential Cuban refugees that they should not cross the Caribbean Sea to seek asylum in America, while at the same time overseeing a rapidly deteriorating and porous southern border with Mexico.

“まず第一に, … I don’t suggest anyone in Cuba take to the sea, OK? It’s not the right thing to do,” said Rubio.

The senator added that the U.S. must be tactful in its response so as not to be taken advantage of by the Cuban regime as it was during the 1980 Mariel boatlift when Fidel Castro emptied the jails as Cubans fled to the U.S.

We have to be aware that the regime in the past has used mass migration as a weapon in 1994 and during Mariel, they used it against the United States as a weapon and that can’t be tolerated,” 彼は言った, noting how Castro responded to President Jimmy Carter’s overtures by including many convicts in the emigrating groups.

But you saw the forceful statement from Mayorkas almost immediately,” 彼が追加した. “Where was that forceful statement when Joe Biden was running for president or when he became president?”

Rubio added the Biden administration was too late when it told asylum seekers headed for the southern border not to come

It’s almost was a joke, なぜなら [の] the reason why we’re having a crisis at the southern border,” 彼は言った. “見て, it’s true. These people in Central America live under very difficult conditions, have for a very long time. But these trafficking networks have gone into these countries and other places and told them, ねえ, there’s a new president, he’s going to be the opposite of Donald Trump. And every way some of the first things that Biden does when he takes over, no more funding for the border wall.


If you arrive with children, these traffickers go back and tell people, ねえ, the laws have changed, there’s a new president. You can now get into the United States, especially if you come with children,” Rubio continued. “And guess what? That’s what people are doing. They believe the laws have changed because the attitude has changed.

同時に, he reiterated that Mayorkasmessage to potential Cuban asylum seekers has been strict. その間, DHS told migrants coming from Mexico that their families would not be separated and that they would be quickly released into the U.S. interior.

They are inviting people to come here illegally,” rubio said.

Rubio added that the policy may have a lot to do with an increasingly powerful dynamic in the Democratic Party, as its far left wing becomes more potent in terms of fundraising and community organizing.

The activists … don’t believe in borders at all. というのは, their argument basically is if you show up here, you should be able to come in,” 彼は言った. “There are people on the world that argue that there should be no borders, that people have the right to migrate wherever they want. No country in the world, not America, 中国ではない, no nation on the planet, can absorb uncontrolled mass migration.